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Mortgage Rates March 21, 2019

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Today’s Mortgage Rates: Mortgage rates are starting off the day at their best levels in nearly 18 months. Yesterday’s Fed meeting sparked a rally in bonds and mortgage rates improved due to the Fed expressing concerns about the economy moving forward (more on the Fed meeting below). How Low Will Mortgage Rates Go: Predicting mortgage rates is difficult at best. … Read more

Documentation Needed To Refinance Your Home

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Refinancing Your Mortgage: Refinancing your current mortgage may have many different benefits. A lower interest rate, a shorter term or possibly cash-out funds to improve your home. Generally speaking; refinances usually take 3-4 weeks from completed application to signing loan documents. In case where there is a subordination of a 2nd mortgage or an Equity Line of Credit the time … Read more

Mortgage Rates March 20, 2019

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Today’s Mortgage Rates: Today is Fed Day! The Fed announcement is at 2:00pm today and heading into that mortgage rates are at their best levels of 2019. In fact, today’s mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve been in over a year. Will today’s Fed announcement push them lower? Hard to say and we’ll have to wait and see. For all … Read more

Fed Meeting March 2019

The Fed

Fed Meeting March 2019: Heading into the two-day meeting mortgage rates are at their 2019 lows. While the Fed does not set mortgage rates they do have an influence over the market that does set mortgage rates. The Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) market is near it’s one year high which is good for mortgage rates (higher MBS prices equal lower … Read more

Mortgage Rates March 19, 2019

California Homes To Refinance

Today’s Mortgage Rates: In a little over 24 hours we’ll hear from the Fed. Heading into the two day meeting (starts today and finishes tomorrow) mortgage rates remain near their 2019 lows. Today’s mortgage rates are the best they’ve been since late 2017. With the Fed announcement Wednesday afternoon I would not expect any significant movements with mortgage rates prior … Read more