Bakersfield, California Mortgage Rates

Nearly 1 Million People Call It Home:

Oil production, agriculture, nature, fun activities, reliable financial services, impressive schools—there’re a lot of positives to cover when discussing the merits of Bakersfield, California, as the city, which is currently home to roughly 840,000 individuals, offers quite a bit to residents and visitors alike. Let’s start by highlighting Bakersfield’s enviable weather. As an agricultural hub, the city’s climate has to be able to support all sorts of plants and vegetation, and with its average annual temperature of right around 70 degrees, mild winters, and large number of clear-weather days (an average of 191, which is greater than the average in the majority of American cities), it’s capable of supporting the city’s current plants and much more.

Bakersfield, California Mortgage Rates:

Low mortgage rates and a good economy have had a long-term positive affect on housing prices in Bakersfield.

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Bakersfield, California

A Great Place To Call Home:

Besides beautiful year-round weather, Bakersfield features many sights and activities, all of which are sure to please. Nature lovers shouldn’t hesitate to check out the Park at River Walk and Lake Ming, while history and entertainment lovers would be wise to spend an afternoon in both the California Living Museum and the Kern County Museum. Additionally, Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace provides a look at breathtaking stalagmites, geodes, and rare rocks, while Murray Family Farms helps visitors to get a feel for what being a farmer—and a Bakersfield resident—is all about.

Affordable Homes:

Bakersfield’s homes are modern, well-built, and affordable, generally speaking. The city’s median home value is about $230,000, and as a result, roughly 60% of residents own their place of living—a ratio that’s much greater than that of most other cities, both in California and across America. This high ownership rate allows for economic stability, as the residents have “invested” in Bakersfield. Time and time again, instances of renters’ “flight” have negatively impacted cities’ economies; Bakersfield’s home ownership ratio will help to prevent such an occurrence. You won’t have to look far for useful assistance, if you’re in the market for a Bakersfield home, apartment, or commercial space; the city’s realty professionals, including the Bakersfield Association of Realtors, A&A Realty, Premier Realty, and Miramar International, Inc., amongst others, are standing by to help.

Education In Bakersfield:

Bakersfield’s students can attend one of the 28 public schools operated by the Kern High School District. Higher education institutions, including California State University, Bakersfield, Bakersfield College, National University, Bakersfield, and University of Phoenix, Bakersfield, are also located in the city. As a whole, the Bakersfield’s educational opportunities are diverse and all-encompassing.

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Bakersfield Continues To Grow:

Over the last 40 years, Bakersfield has grown significantly and a big reason why is the low rate mortgages during the housing boom. Mortgage brokers, direct lenders and credit unions, along with local banks, provide most of the financing for borrower’s looking to refinance their home or purchase a new one. Bakersfield California offers main opportunities to local residents and business’s. With a diverse population, expanded business options and good location – Bakersfield has become an important city in the state of California. Bakersfield is the 9th largest city in the state of California and is located in Kern County. Los Angeles is just over 100 miles away and residents are able to easily drive into Los Angeles to experience all that Los Angeles has to offer. Agriculture and oil are the two big industries in Bakersfield. Other industries aerospace, refining, manufacturing, distribution, and local food processing. The top employer is the County of Kern.

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During the Spring Bakersfield hosts the California Scottish Games and Clan Gatherings and in the summer, Bakersfield hosts a Greek Festival.A+ Rating Also Bakersfield hosts the ever popular Lowrider National at the local Fairgrounds. Another popular festival is the Kern County Basque Festival – a 3 day festival with food, music, dance, and handball games. California home loan rates in Bakersfield California can be found at JB Mortgage Capital, Inc.  Contact us today for a no cost – no obligation quote. Primary, vacation or rental home….we provide many home mortgage solutions for borrower’s living in Bakersfield California. Call us at 1-800-550-5538. From Fannie Mae to Freddie Mac loan options; JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. has access to some of the industries most popular loan programs including the newly introduce Day 1 Certainty; which allows for less documentation for qualified home buyers or home owners.