Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams2

The California realtor company Keller Williams Realty is popularly known as KW also provides a real estate platform that buyers and sellers love. The company was launched in 1983 by Joe Williams and Gary Keller, KW has risen to become #1 real estate company in both number of agents and sales of units. The company is a worldwide recognized brand … Read more

California Association Of Realtors

California Association of Realtors

The California Association of Realtors (C.A.R) is a non-profit organization which was founded on May 27, 1905 by a group of about seventy real estate agents to mitigate perceptions of misconduct in the real estate industry and to aid realtors and promote professionalism in real estate. The association was first founded as California State Realty Federation and later changed to … Read more


California Association Of Mortgage Professionals

CAMP is a trade organization within the State of California that assists mortgage professionals with opportunities to better serve their clients. They also provide important information about new regulations and advocate for the mortgage professional at the legislative level. The benefits associated with joining CAMP are numerous: Education and continued professional development Advocacy – staying connected with legislatures to ensure … Read more

Coldwell Banker In California

Coldwell Banker California

Real estate has become a thriving business in the world today as people are always seeking to sell or buy homes. We have several real estate enterprises in the state of California; notable among such is the Coldwell Banker real estate enterprise. In this article, we are going to be discussing its history and some of its specific locations and … Read more

ReMax Realty California

ReMax California

The world of real estate has been thriving since its inception. In this regard, there has been many real estate companies expanding and gaining recognition. In this article, we are going to be focusing ReMax Realty (aka Re/Max) in regards to their history, locations and agents in California. If you happen to live in California then this article might help … Read more

OneWest Bank

OneWest Bank California

OneWest Bank is one of the banks in southern California founded in 2009 by an investors group called IMB Holdo. The bank provides services such as home loans, consumer deposit, and lending, among others. Though the bank may seem fairly new, its origin could be traced to one of the failed banks in the United States seized by the Federal … Read more