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The world of real estate has been thriving since its inception. In this regard, there have been many real estate companies expanding and gaining recognition. In this article, we are going to be focusing ReMax Realty (aka Re/Max) in regard to their history, locations, and agents in California. If you happen to live in California then this article might help you make a decision as to which realty company you want to work with.

History and Expansion To California

RE/MAX is the shortened form of “Real Estate Maximus”. ReMax was founded in 1973 by Gail Main and Dave Linger. The company was established on the basis that agents keep a large chunk of their commissions and remit to their brokers a share of the office’s expenses. The company’s original location is Colorado. Over time, the company began expanding its coasts and reached places like California which we would be discussing in detail subsequently.

Agents and locations

Re/Max Realty Company has numerous locations in California. We are going to be looking at some of these locations as well as the agents heading them.

Re/Max Clearview

The Re/max Clearview office boasts professional expertise as regards real estate. There are also a variety of housing properties for sale and rent in this area of California. This office is headed by Josh Meister.

Re/Max, Gold Valley Springs

The Re/Max Gold Valley springs is a California branch that boasts of selling more homes every year than any independently run real estate enterprise in California. If you reside within the area of Valley Springs then you can leverage the services they provide. The two agents assigned to run this office are Jamie Brown and June Jones.

Re/Max Visalia

This office branch is mainly run by Edwards Evans (Owner) and Robert lee (Manager). There are varieties of housing options in this part of California. Asides Edwards Evans and Robert Lee, there are other agents in sub-locations that can tend to your housing needs.

Re/Max Gold Woodland

The Woodland office is run by James O’Bryon. If you are seeking to sell or buy a house in Woodland then you can harness this opportunity.

Re/Max Gold Sonora

If you reside around Sonora then you can use this opportunity to close in on a good housing deal. This office branch is also run James O’Bryon.

Re/Max Lakeside Lake, Arrowhead

This Re/Max office is situated in the county mountains of San Bernardino. If you’re seeking to sell or buy a house in Arrowhead then you would be dealing with agents who are quite conversant with the ever-changing condition of the real estate market. There is also a nearby location situated in the Blue Jay Village. This office is run by Joe Miller.

Re/Max Fair Oaks

In this location, you can get some housing properties within your financial budget. This office is also run by James O’Bryon and a host of other agents. You can take out time to check out their listed properties.

Re/Max Gold Coast

With this location, you get to enjoy an array of vacation home options. The agents assigned to this office are particular about making residents comfortable. They also specialize in offering advice as regards property-related matters. You can rely on them for your property management. This office is run by Michael Sipes and a host of other associates.

Re/Max Blue Line

This office is located on Lone Tree Wy, Antioch. It is primarily run by Kristine Barbanica and Michael Barbanica and a host of other agents. In this location, there are listed properties for sale and you can always rely on the agents to tend to your housing needs.

What says you, California?

If you live in California, you have the option of getting a house in any of these locations, as there are next-door agents ready to tend to your housing needs. You can also check out other locations as you may have other reasons or requirements.

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