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A Friendly Place To Call Home:

The weather in Camarillo, California is decidedly beautiful, but there’s a lot more to the southwestern city than desirable temperatures and abundant sunshine. Since it was incorporated in 1964, Camarillo, CA has served as a bastion of culture, industry, and friendliness, all of which culminate to create a fantastic place to visit and live. For proof of the point, simply ask one of the city’s 67,000 residents. Or, better yet, read on! With an overall crime rate that’s far below the national average, as well as a tremendous educational system—that of the Oxnard Union High School District—to its credit, Camarillo is an ideal location for both parents and children. This inherent educational quality is further aided by a state-of-the-art YMCA location on Park Drive, the vast Camarillo Public Library, numerous sports leagues, and an active Boys and Girls Club.

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Lots Of Activities In Camarillo:

Activity-wise, residents and visitors can enjoy Camarillo’s annual Christmas Parade, which takes place in early December and has been held since 1962. A remarkable variety of talented groups and individuals comprise this parade, which showcases the best and most exciting elements of Camarillo’s population. Additionally, Camarillo boasts concerts in the park (during summer months), a weekly Farmers’ Market, the Pleasant Valley Historical Society Museum, and much, much more.

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Living In Camarillo:Kids Going To School

Financially speaking, Camarillo’s housing industry is worth investing in. The city’s median home value is $616,000, and 94% of its houses have sold for $255,000 or more. Low mortgage rates have helped propel home values in Camarillo. There are about 24,318 apartments and homes in the city, and the average market rental price is over $2,500 per month. 80% of the city’s homes are single-family or townhouse dwellings, and 79% of Camarillo’s houses were built in or after 1970.

Educational Opportunities:

Over 90% of Camarillo residents graduated high school, and a large percentage of these individuals attended college—many at Camarillo’s own California State University. The city’s per-capita income is more than $10,000 greater than the national average, while the median household income is over $30,000 greater than the national average, at $88,125. The city’s business sector is diverse—healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, professional and scientific services, and public service fields employ about 10% of the population each, while accommodation, finance, and construction employ about 5% of the population each.

Great Weather:

With all this in mind—friendly locals, gorgeous weather, thriving industry, reliable schools, low crime rates, and more—it’s not difficult to see why Camarillo is in such high demand. Thanks for reading, and here’s to Camarillo!

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