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Important To Northern California:

Chico has the largest population in Butte County. It has a population of over 90,000 people and the population has grown by 25% in one decade which is an indication of the growing popularity of this city. The Northern part of the Sacramento valley depends on Chico as its primary center of education, the city is also vital to the region economically and it is also the recognized cultural hub for thousands of people living in the region. Both Bidwell park and the California state university are located in Chico. What many people may not realize is that Bidwell park is the 13th largest municipality owned park in the country. There are other cities in the region such as Oroville and Paradise and there are also several notable towns such as Forest Ranch, Cohasset, Nord and Durham. Chico has acquired the nick name of City of roses and this name also appears on the seal of the city of Chico.

Chico, California Mortgage Rates:

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Chico, Califonia

Downtown Chico:

The most important part of the city is Downtown Chico which is also the primary commercial sector. This area is located between Little Chico creek and big Chico creek. Two important streets in Downtown Chico is Broadway and Main street which is important thoroughfares of this area. At the center of Downtown Chico is the Chico city plaza an important landmark and meeting place. The city provides lucrative opportunities for property investors. The population growth over the last two decades is strong indication of the economical strength and popularity of this city and these are important indicators when deciding where to invest. Just like in any other notable city or town there is a wide selection of available properties and there are contractors who are standing ready to accommodate newcomers to the region. There are many real estate businesses who are serving the community and who are qualified to advise people on all available investment opportunities in the region. When it comes to mortgage rates; Chico has access to local, regional and national banks along with online lenders. Low mortgage rates along with a good economy have helped move home values higher since 2008.

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City Attractions:

Chico, California has some great attractions. The Junction in the southernmost part of the downtown area has been an important center of commerce since 1860. In those years John Bidwell and his partners operated a coach line here which linked Chico and Susanville. Many people over the years came to the Junction to obtain various goods and services and also to meet people arriving or departing from the stage depot. The South Campus neighborhood was the first residential area that was established in Chico. This is probably why it remains the most densely populated area of the city and the area is primarily inhabited by young people under the age of 35 of which a large number is students of Chico State University.

Living In Chico:

There are many reasons why people should consider living in Chico. Great neighborhoods, fun attractions, a good economy, affordable housing and opportunities for higher education are just some of the reasons why over 90,000 people call Chico home.

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