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Living In Diamond Bar, California:

Diamond Bar, CA is located in southern California.

There are many considerations that can be used to determine whether a city like Diamond Bar will match your lifestyle. Many “must-have” like low crime, great schools, modern homes, and good local facilities are all at the forefront of most people’s lists.

But even before deciding whether these options are available, most consumers will need to ask if Diamond Bar real estate is actually affordable. The average home price for Diamond Bar homes is over $700,000. When we take a closer look at the quality of homes in Diamond Bar, we will see that the home price to income ratio is 6.6, which is higher than the average in California.

Buying A Home In The Diamond Bar Area:

For most individuals, buying a new house is the biggest investment they can create in their lifetime. Looking at the overall pace of real estate growth in Diamond Bar, you will have some visibility into whether your home purchase will be a solid investment for years to come. In the Diamond Strip, the year-over-year rate of appreciation was 3.7%, and the 5-year rate of appreciation was 7.3%.

Employment In Diamond Bar:

Diamond Bar, CA Job Statistics may be a key indicator while searching for a new career.

A good sign of the quality of the labor market is per capita income and median household income. Diamond Bar’s per capita income is $34,600, which is more than the California average and 16% higher than the national average. The median household income is over $90,000 per year which greater than the California and national average.

The unemployment rate in Diamond Bar is below 5%. The poverty rate in Diamond Bar is below 6%, which is lower than the national average. Diamond Bar has seen a 0.7% increase in the labor market over the last few years. Future job development over the next ten years is expected to be 35.5%, which is greater than the U.S. average.

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The Climate In Diamond Bar:

Diamond Bar, California, has an average of 19 inches of rain per year. On average, there are 286 sunny days per year which is great than the U.S. average which is just over 200.

The summer highs average around 91 degrees and the winter lows can dip to the low 40’s. May, June, and October are the most comfortable months while August can be the hottest and January can be the coldest. Diamond Bar earned an 8.8/10 on the Best Places Comfort Index.

Schools in Diamond Bar:

Here are some local schools in Diamond Bar.

  • Diamond Bar High School: Diamond Bar High is the 9th grade to 12th Grade Public School based in Diamond Bar, California, Walnut Valley Unified District. It has 3050 students in Grade 9 – Grade 12 with a student-teacher ratio of 27 to 1. Diamond Bar High is paying $9,776 per student.
  • Armstrong Elementary: Armstrong Elementary is a 6th Grade Public School in Diamond Bar, California, in the Consolidated District of Pomona. There are 415 students in grades Kindergarten-6th grade, with a year-teacher ratio of 28 to 1. Armstrong Elementary costs $12,789 a student.
  • Castle Rock Elementary: Castle Rock Elementary is a kindergarten-5th Grade Public School based in Diamond Bar, California, Walnut Valley Consolidated District. It has 605 children in kindergarten grades-5th grade, with a year-teacher ratio of 26: 1. Castle Rock Elementary costs $9,776 a student.
  • Evergreen Elementary: Evergreen Elementary is a 5th Grade Public School in Diamond Bar, California, Walnut Valley Consolidated District. It has 579 students in grade kindergarten-5th grade with a pupil-teacher ratio of 25: 1. Evergreen Elementary would spend $9,776 per student.
  • Diamond Canyon Christian Preschool: Diamond Canyon Christian Preschool is a pre-kindergarten private school situated in Diamond Bar, California. It has 100 pupils in the Pre-Kindergarten classes with a student-teacher ratio of 2 to 1.
  • DBC Children’s Center: The DBC Children’s Center is a Pre-Kindergarten Private School based in Diamond Bar, California. It has 55 pupils in pre-kindergarten classes with a student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1

Things To Do Around Diamond Bar Area:

  • Xscape Pods: Our Escape Rooms are built to be entertaining but not terrifying. It’s one of the best “things to do” options in the area! Stories, challenges, and the environment are all designed to keep players engrossed and to create lasting impressions of their journey. We also provide a Multi-Purpose Space for gatherings after a team-building exercise, birthday parties, and/or a general meeting either before or after the gathering.
  • Mission Escape Games: Project Escape Games is committed to providing a special escape room environment where our players-you! Stretch your mind and work with others as a team to get away from your puzzles. Make a reservation today for your party and have fun with us! At MEG, we’re doing our best to guarantee a great deal of experience for you. All of our puzzles are 100% original, and we update and change them often to keep you engaged and come back for more. Find clues, knick-knacks, and think logically to overcome brain teasers to gain your liberation. Our sessions are one hour long. The aim of your party is to beat the clock and exit the space (like a puzzle) through the clues given.
  • Lights on Miracle Hill: Christmas Lights Festival: a community event entitled “Lights on Miracle Hill” is conducted every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in December, a total of only 12 days. It provides a series of lighting, a cafe, children’s games, a light show on the Wonder Hill, a synchronized light with a story album. There are some seats for the elderly and the disabled to sit and watch the display, the rest of the people that remain seated, and there are outdoor heaters to warm up.

The History of Diamond Bar, CA:

Like many Southern California cities, the past of Diamond Bar started with a Spanish land grant. On March 30, 1840, Governor Juan Alvarado granted 4,340 acres, covering Brea Canyon and the eastern Walnut Valley, to Jose de la Luz Linares, the builder of Rancho Los Nogales, or Ranch of the Walnut Trees.

Linares died in 1847, and his wife sold a small part of the property to Ricardo Vejar for $100 in goods, $100 in cattle, and his late husband’s debts. Vejar still controlled Rancho San Jose to the east (now Pomona) and, after purchasing the remainder of Rancho Los Nogales over the next ten years, became the fifth richest landowner in Los Angeles County with more than 10,000 acres.

Schlesinger and Tischler:

Unfortunately, Vejar’s luck didn’t last. When the U.S. government took over California and resurveyed the old land grants, it ended up with only 464 acres. Then the big drought of the 1860s caused several ranchers to borrow money to feed their livestock. Vejar had been negotiating with two Los Angeles traders, Isaac Schlesinger and Hyman Tischler, and they had lent him $600 for materials at an interest rate of 8 percent a month.

When the debt, including compound interest, was finally called in for more than $28,000, Vejar was unable to compensate, and in 1864 his land transferred to Schlesinger and Tischler.

Louis Phillips:

The Rancho Los Nogales did not succeed under the new owners, and they were surrounded by hostile neighbors who remained loyal to Vejar. In 1866, the property was sold to Louis Phillips for $30,000, raising his assets to more than 12,000 acres. Phillips sold a part of the ranch to William Rubettom, who built a tavern and overland stage station for the Butterfield road right where the Orange Freeway (57) currently crosses Pomona Boulevard. He named the community “Spadra” after his hometown in Arkansas, and it became the first settlement in the Diamond Bar area.

Wilson Beach and George Butler:

The Rancho Los Nogales was sold again in 1873, this time to Wilson Beach and George Butler. Afterward, the property became quite fragmented as parcels were sold to many different owners. But in 1918, Frederich E. Lewis bought back most of the original Rancho Los Nogales and licensed the Diamond Bar Label with the California Agricultural Department. Lewis sold the DB Ranch to the Bartholomew family in 1943 and managed to raise cattle for the next 13 years.

In 1956, the Diamond Bar Ranch operated much like it had in 1840, with its sandy hills peppered with lush clusters of oak and walnut trees and grazed with large herds of cattle. Nevertheless, the developments of the previous century were nothing relative to the proposals of the Transamerica Companies for Diamond Bar.

That year, they charged $10,000,000 for Brea Canyon’s 8,000 acres, and they established a city that would soon be home to some 50,000 residents. The first model homes were constructed at the north end of the city in 1960, and “boom” began to develop.

Additional California Cities:

If you’re looking for additional information on another Southern California city please be sure to visit the main Southern California page.

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