Escondido, California Mortgage Rates

One Of The Oldest Cities In The Region:

People will find Escondido in the North county region of San Diego county which is only 30 miles from downtown San Diego. The history of the city goes back to 1888 which makes it one of the oldest cities in the region. Approximately 150,000 people reside in Escondido which is a Spanish word meaning hidden. There is some contention over the origin of the name with some saying it refers to hidden water while others maintain that the reference is to hidden treasure. Escondido is a popular destination for people who are looking to raise a family in a family friendly environment.

Escondido, California Mortgage Rates:

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Escondido, California

The Early Days:

The first settlers in the area was the indigenous Luiserfio tribe who had several campsites along the creek which runs through the area. Unfortunately, most of these earliest sites have been completely destroyed by agriculture and other developments. Spain controlled most of this region during the late 18th and early 19th century and in many places, they established missions in an attempt to convert the locals. When Mexico gained independence from Spain they took control from the area until 1846 when the US seized control of the region. California became a state in 1850 and thereafter increasing numbers of people settled in the region. The 1880’s especially became known as the Southern Californian Land Boom because of the rapid population growth in the region.

Neighborhoods, Parks and Schools:

The city continues to grow at a rapid rate but there are some sparsely populated areas such as Felicita Park and Rincon Del Diablo, also Hidden meadows and Jesmond Dene. People living in these places have Escondido mailing addresses and some of the children attend Escondido schools but they cannot participate in city elections.  Nevertheless, these neighborhoods provide more housing opportunities to people coming to Escondido which is who many property investors are keeping an eye on the situation. Within the city boundaries, there is downtown Escondido and also “Od Escondido” which mostly contains single family residential housing. Escondido creek runs through the city which has its origin at Lake Wohlford dam and it terminates in the San Eliio Lagoon.

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Homes In Escondido:

There is a mixture of Single Family Residences, Townhomes, Condominiums and Multi-Family homes in the Escondido area. With close proximity to San Diego, solid economic growth and low mortgage rates the city of Escondido has grown significantly over the years. For those that are interested, we cover current mortgage rates offered in the Escondido area along with market information and general mortgage information that can help save you money.

Weather and Activities:

Just like all the other cities in the San Francisco basin the summer in Escondido is dry and warm and the winters moderate and damp. However, because it is further inland it is somewhat warmer in summer than cities closer to the coast but also cooler in winter.  The city is surrounded by beautiful nature and one popular destination for those requiring a break from city life is Dixon lake situated in the north of Escondido. This lake is very popular among nature lovers and it provides amenities which makes it suitable for camping, picnicking and angling and because of government agreements no fishing licenses is required at Dixon lake. However daily fishing permits has to be acquired by anyone eight years and older. Escondido is one amazing city, it has so much to offer and that is why property investors should thoroughly research this area before final decisions is make regarding property investments.

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