Fresno, California Mortgage Rates

Fresno, California Mortgage Rates:

Fresno California is located in Central California, about 2.5 hours inland from Monterey Bay. Surrounding cities include Clovis, Muscatel and Las Palmas. Fresno, CA is the most populous city in the central valley with over 500,000 people calling it home. Fresno is Spanish for “Ash Tree” and the city was given this name for the large number of Ash Trees along the San Joaquin river. Fresno California is a great place to raise a family. Affordable housing, a good economy and family friendly activities make Fresno a desirable location to call home.

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It Can Get Hot In Fresno:

During the summer months Fresno can get fairly hot; the average temperature in July and August is above 95 degrees. Fresno is home to several minor league sports teams including the Fresno Fuego (Soccer), Fresno Grizzlies (Baseball) and the Fresno Monsters (Ice Hockey). Some of the largest employers in the area are Community Medical Centers, City of Fresno, Saint Agnes Medical Center, and California State University, Fresno. Fresno mortgage rates are similar to those in other California cities and most lenders offer various fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage loan programs. Between 2008-2012 home values in Fresno crashed as the country was recovering from the mortgage crisis. Since then home values have stabilized and more recently have risen as mortgage interest rates remain low.

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The Early Days In Fresno:

Fresno in the 1940’s was around 95% Caucasian and since then the city has grown more diverse. By some estimates it’s believe that the largest ethnic population is now Hispanic or Latino. Fresno is home to some great restaurants and nightlife including the Tower District. The Fresno State Bulldogs sports teams are a source of pride for the city and the city puts on a Mardi Gras Parade every year. Another exciting aspect to Fresno is the film festivals, and Island Water Park is one way locals beat the heat during the hot summer months. The Shops at River Park offer three areas for shoppers Roeding Park provides hours and hours of family fun entertainment along with the Discovery Center. An important part of Fresno California is agriculture and this industry provides many jobs to those that call Fresno home.

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