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November 2018 Mortgage Company

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November 2018: In November 2018 you have hundreds if not thousands of choices when it comes to choosing a mortgage company in the state of California.  Low mortgage rates, reputable company, great customer service, and cutting edge technology so it’s a quick close are all things that should factor into your decision-making. What makes Kevin O’Connor at JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. … Read more


Signing Your Disclosures Electronically: Great news; we’ve partnered with DocuSign for our “digital signature” service. Now our clients will have the convenience of electronically signing their initial disclosures rather than printing; signing and sending to us. DocuSign is the industry leader for digital signatures and is just another example of how JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. uses technology to increase efficiency … Read more

Debt To Income Ratio Limits Raised

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Higher Deb To Income Ration Now Eligible: On July 29th, 2017 the door to a new mortgage will be opened for thousands of potential homeowners and current homeowners that have a Debt-To-Income (DTI) ratio above 45%. The mortgage giant Fannie Mae will be making an adjustment to its Automated Underwriting System (AUS) so that those with a 45%-50% DTI will … Read more

Fed Meeting & Mortgage Rates 07.2017

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Tomorrow Is Decision Day: Tomorrow afternoon the Federal Open Market Committee (commonly refereed to as the “Fed”) issues their decision about raising short term interest rates and their economic outlook.  Before we go into the market expectations and what may happen with mortgage rates after the FOMC issues their statement; lets cover a very basic point that most people don’t … Read more

Mortgage Pre-Approval


Buying A Home: If you are looking to buy your first home, looking to upgrade from your current home or buying a new rental property it’s always a great idea to get a pre-approval done by a knowledgeable loan officer with years of experience. In fact most sellers require that a prospective buyer have a pre-approval completed prior to making … Read more

Loan Estimate


Understanding The Loan Estimate: If you’ve purchased or refinanced a home years ago you’ll remember a document called the Good Faith Estimate (GFE).  However that was changed a few years back and now mortgage lenders issue the Loan Estimate (LE). Why the change?  Regulators decided that the disclosure needed an overall and they also were trying to find a way … Read more