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Working with an experienced Loan Officer and a company with a stellar reputation is one of the easiest ways to obtain low mortgage rates in Long Beach, California. I have over 15 years of experience as a Loan Officer with a five-star rating on Zillow and with the Better Business Bureau.

Our company also has an A+ rating with the BBB and we work hard to provide the best possible experience for each and every client. If you are looking to refinance your mortgage or purchase a home in Long Beach, please be sure to contact me directly at 1-800-550-5538. Low rates, fast closings, and industry-leading service.

Helping Homeowners Achieve Their Dreams is not just a saying, it’s something my team fully believes in.

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Long Beach California Mortgage Calculator:

Using our Long Beach, California mortgage calculator to figure out your monthly mortgage payment is an essential part of buying a home or refinancing a current mortgage. Use our free Indo, California mortgage calculator to help you determine what you can afford and if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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A Growing City:

It’s not a coincidence that nearly half a million individuals have found their way to Long Beach, CA since it was incorporated in 1897; Long Beach is the seventh most populous city in California.

It is conveniently located just twenty-two miles from Downtown Los Angeles, is home to kind and helpful locals, boasts solid schools and financial institutions, and features a fabulous Pacific Ocean coastline. The sum of these things is a low-stress and high-excitement style of living that Long Beach locals swear by. Moreover, as residents and prior visitors can attest to, the city’s nickname—“The Aquatic Capital of the World”—is fitting.

Mortgage rates in Long Beach California

Housing And The Economy:

Long Beach’s economy and real estate market have long been bustling, and analysts are optimistic that the future will bring much of the same. The city’s median home value is over $522,000—well above the national average—and about 80% of homes in the city have sold for greater than $279,000.

It should be noted that much of the appeal of LB homes can be attributed to the quality work of local interior designers, who, for many years, have helped Long Beach residents (and sellers) to achieve the perfect living space. Alice Friedmann Interior Design, Sasha Witte Design, and Red Door Living are just some of Long Beach’s many interior design professionals.

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Low Mortgage Rates

Making sure we provide industry low mortgage rates is a focal point at JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. We understand the importance of saving money. From fixed rate mortgages to adjustable rate mortgages we offer low rates at great terms.

Low Long Beach, California Mortgage Rates:

There are many reasons why people should consider living in the LBC. Great opportunities for families, jobs and higher education are just some of the reasons why so many people call it home. Historically low mortgage rates in Long Beach, California have enabled more first time home buyers to purchase their first home. This trend should continue as both the jobs market and the economy continue to grow.

Conforming and Jumbo Loan Programs:

Both Conforming and Jumbo loans are popular in Long Beach. The most popular loan program tends to be the 30 year fixed rate mortgage since it provides for a long-term fixed rate and a lower payment (when compared to the 20 or 15 year fixed rate term.

There is a mixture of homebuyers that have as little as a 3.5% down payment to those putting 20% or more down. Long Beach, California mortgage rates can be obtained from a wide variety of mortgage lenders and banks that offer both Conforming and Jumbo loan programs.

FHA home loans in Long Beach:

Some homeowners take advantage of the various FHA home loan programs which allow those with less than perfect credit to buy (or refinance) a home with only 3.5% down. FHA also offers a Streamlined refinance program that’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to refinance your home.

You must currently have a FHA loan, not missed a payment over the last year along with some additional criteria. Then there is the FHA home renovation loan. This is a great option for those looking to renovate/repair a home they are buying or refinancing.

Long Beach Housing:

Housing varies greatly in Long Beach from Single Family residences to Condominium, and Multi-Unit properties. Co-ops are not popular in Long Beach and living in this coastal area of California can be expensive. Mortgage rates are competitive in Long Beach and are similar to rates found in other California cities.

Long Beach, California mortgage rates can be found from a wide variety of mortgage lenders throughout California. Residents of Long Beach can choose between local credit unions, California based banks, national banks, online mortgage companies, direct lenders and mortgage brokers for the mortgage needs.

Terms are available for primary residences, secondary/vacation homes, and investment properties. When seeking a new mortgage with a low rate, be sure to contact us for a no-cost/no-obligation quote.

Local Realtors In Long Beach:

Long Beach mortgage lenders work hand in hand with local real estate agents. Here are three agents you might want to consider if you are looking to purchase a home in the Long Beach area.

First Team Real Estate – Long Beach:

Located at 3626 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90807 First Team Real Estate – Long Beach is a well regarded real estate company that covers Long Beach as well as Belmont Heights, Bixby, and Los Cerritos. Their contact number is (562) 270-0688.

Berkshire Hathaway HS CAprops:

Berkshire Hathaway HS CAprops is the agency for Cindy Stockton, a well-regarded Realtor in the Long Beach community. Located at 356 Redondo Ave., Long Beach, CA 90814. Her contact number is (562) 685-9000.

Anderson Real Estate Group:

Anderson Real Estate Group is apart of the Keller Williams Pacific Estates realty company. Located at 2883 East Spring Street Suite #100, Long Beach, CA 90806. You can contact them at 1-800-784-2616. According to their website “….the Anderson Real Estate Group is a collective of inspired, exceptional individuals committed to working together and being the best.”

Local Long Beach Appraisers:

Two well known local appraisers in Long Beach are Appraisal Care located at 3553 Atlantic Ave., Suite 162, Long Beach, CA 90807 and Appraisal Solution at 2516 Knoxville Ave., Long Beach, CA 90815.

Local Home Builders:

If you are looking to purchase a new home in Long Beach you can either buy a new home that’s just been built or you can hire someone to build you a fully custom home. Here are three local home builders you might want to consider.

7 Point Construction:

Located at 201 Covina Avenue Suite #4, Long Beach, CA 90803, 7 Point Construction is fully Bonded and Insured. You can contact them directly at (800) 784-0236.

Tim Stuart Builder:

Tim Stuart Builder is located at 3632 East Vermont Street, Long Beach, California, 90814.

Long Beach Building Contractors:

According to their website, Long Beach Contractors are “…constantly working to raise the bar on our services.” They are located at 2325 Lewis Ave, Signal Hill, California 90755. Signal Hill is a neighborhood within the Long Beach area.

Family at their home in Long Beach

Lot’s Of Entertainment Options:

Long Beach’s entertainment opportunities are some of the most diverse—and underrated—in all of California. Hitting the beach for an afternoon of swimming, relaxing, and fun never gets old, nor do Long Beach’s many parks and outdoor activity centers.

The Long Beach Museum of Art and the Museum of Latin American Art give visitors an up-close look at some of the most unique and exciting art in the world, and the Long Beach Symphony, which plays a number of shows annually, provides exhilarating live-music experiences. Lastly, the Aquarium of the Pacific, a five-acre public aquarium, showcases some of the most intriguing fish, sharks, dolphins, and other underwater creatures.

Near Los Angeles:

Long Beach is a little less than 30 miles away from downtown Los Angeles and provides many opportunities for those seeking some vacation fun.  The biggest attraction are the beaches, boating, and various outdoor activities. Of course, there is the famous Queen Mary, Port of Long Beach, the Long Beach Aquarium and Battleship Iowa to visit as well. Long Beach has one of the largest shipping ports in the entire world and is a significant player in the oil industry.

Educational Opportunities:

Most Long Beach students attend schools operated by the Long Beach Unified School District, which has historically received high marks from students, parents, and auditors. Parents and students can also choose from Long Beach’s extensive collection of private schools, and in terms of higher education, California State University, Long Beach and Long Beach City College cater to college students from Long Beach and around the country.

As was mentioned, Long Beach’s financial institutions are reputable and reliable. Briefly, these institutions include LBS Financial Credit Union, U.S. Bank, Nuvision Credit Union, and Westcom Credit Union, amongst many others. At these establishments, it’s not difficult to find a helpful face and the assistance you need.

Visiting Long Beach:

Visiting Long Beach is fairly easy as there are many airports in the area or you can simply drive to Long Beach if you live close enough. If you plan on buying a home, and/or an investment property be sure to contact a local real estate agent to help you find the best property to meet your needs. While looking for that special property you can also contact several mortgage lenders to get an idea of what you qualify for and current mortgage rates.

Population Diversity:

Long Beach’s population is young and active—just 10% of residents are over the age of 65—and the location’s employment sectors are diverse; this diversity, which generally renders local economies more resistant to financial downturn, is cited by many analysts as one of Long Beach’s “market strong points.”

About 13% of Long Beach employees work in healthcare, and about 10% work in manufacturing, retail, education, or accommodation. Moreover, about 3-6% work in transpiration, construction, administration, finance, and public service. Hundreds of languages are spoken among residents in the Long Beach area and the population is very diverse.

Reasons To Live In Long Beach, CA:

Long Beach is impressive enough when its specific positive aspects are considered individually, but when the sum of these positive aspects is gauged, the full appeal and value of the city become clear.

Outstanding schools, solid home values, a diverse local economy, an abundance of financial service providers, a young and vibrant population, a prominent location relative to other California cities, and, of course, a coastline to dream of all make Long Beach what it is. Furthermore, these things are what have prompted so many individuals to call Long Beach home.

Additional California Cities:

If you’re looking for additional information on another California city please be sure to visit the main California Mortgage Company page.

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About Loan Officer Kevin O'Connor

About Loan Officer Kevin O'Connor

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