Mortgage Interest Rate News 07-07-2015

Mortgage rates….up and down and up and down etc.  As simple as this sounds it’s perhaps the best way to describe the movement of mortgage rates the last few weeks.  First we had the employment report which was great news for mortgage rates.  Then we hear there’s a solution to the Greek debt problem…bad news for mortgage rates.  But wait!  There is no solution so rates move back down.  Then Greece misses it’s debt payment but investors seem not to care…rates move up.

Mortgage rate movement hasn’t been that wide but non-the-less it’s been and up-down atmosphere.   The 10 year treasurey has been between 2.30 – 2.40 for the most part (today it’s slightly below that range) and a 30 year fixed zero point loan has been between 4.00% – 4.25%.  So as you can see the swings have not been huge but the frequency has been constant.