Mortgage interest rates April 13 2017

Mortgage interest rates April 13, 2017 are trending lower going into the three day weekend.  The bond market has been in a mini rally of late; breaking below the 2.32 level.  Last week the employment report came in weaker than expected and because of that (partially) mortgage interest rates on April 13, 2017 are better than they were just a few weeks ago.  Usually lenders are a bit cautious heading into a long weekend and so if the bond market holds or continues to improve upon these gains we may see further mortgage interest rate improvements next week.  That means your fixed rate mortgage loans and adjustable rate mortgage loans may become a bit more attractive however there is no guarantee.  Either way mortgage rates will still be attractive to home buyers that find that dream even if we see no improvements next week….when it’s your dream home a small difference in rate will probably not prevent the home buyer from moving forward.

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That may not be the case for those that need a low California refinance rate to move forward with a new loan.  Reason is that the potential borrower already has the home; so the need to do a loan is less especially if the borrower has a low mortgage rate already.  Some things that might cause a borrower to move forward with a new refinance mortgage is; shorten the term of the loan from 30 to 15 years, a new car purchase, home improvements, educational expenses etc.