Mortgage Rates For December 15, 2017

Mortgage rates for December 15, 2017 will end the week flat as the 10y yield opened the morning trading session at the 2.36% level.  Going back to mid-October we’ve seen a range in the 10y yield of 2.31% on the low side to 2.45% on mortgage interest ratethe high side.  The longer this goes on the stronger the ceiling or base will be for a longer term move in the 10y yield.  Today we have we have no major economic readings.

Currently we’re seeing 30 year fixed mortgage rates remain below 4.00%, 15 year fixed rates below 3.25% and 7/1 ARM rates below 3.375% (conforming, zero points) to start the day (the cost to obtain these mortgage rates will be similar to last week).  Mortgage rates for some “A” level borrowers (high credit score, low loan to home value ratio, low debt to income ratio and no cash out) are as low as 3.625% on the 30 year fixed rate loan program (conforming, 1 point) and on the 15 year as low as 3.00% (conforming, 1 point).  As mentioned the 10y yield started off the day at the 2.36% level and the FNMA 30y 3.5  coupon started off the day at the 102.21 level.

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