Mortgage Rates Summer 2017

Mortgage rates for the summer 2017 are starting off the season at the lows for the year.  Back in November 2016 mortgage rates skyrocketed after bond yields rose in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election.  The surprising win sent the stock market higher along with bond yields as some investors believe a new wave of economic growth and inflation were on the way.  Fast forward to late Spring 2017 and that hope is slowly fading.  Economic data has been softening and inflation seems to be reversing course.  Some major headwinds for the economy are the political gridlock out of Washington, lack of significant wage growth, global politics and the continuing investigations into the the Trump campaign.  The Fed may also present some problems for the economy as we move forward in area in which the path to growth has become cloudy at best.

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FHA mortgage rates heading into the summer of 2017 are very attractive compared to 4-5 months ago.  If you are looking to buy a home (or refinance your current mortgage) and you have less than perfect credit then this a great program to consider.  Also if you only have a small down payment of less than 10% then a FHA mortgage presents some great options for those looking to buy a new home.  One question that seems to be common lately is; “How soon can I refinance my Mortgage?”.  Reason is mortgage rates were generally higher over the last 4-5 months and for those that purchase a home during that time frame might see some benefits with refinancing their current loan.  Generally speaking, and it’s important you verify all information with your current loan documents, most mortgage loans do not have a pre-payment penalty so if that is the case you generally can refinance your mortgage after you make the first payment.

So whether you’re refinancing your current mortgage or looking to buy a new home; mortgage rates heading into the summer of 2017 are very attractive.  Conforming, FHA and even jumbo mortgage rates are attractive compared to the previous 4-5 months and lenders are doing what they can to keep mortgage rates attractive so they can gain new business.