Mortgage Rates March 25, 2019

Today’s Mortgage Rates:

Time to take a breather? Last week was one of the biggest moves lower we’ve seen in mortgage rates in years. So it would not be surprising to see mortgage rates take a breather today; possibly the entire week.

If you are thinking of refinancing a current mortgage or purchasing a home then your timing could not be better. Avoid the mistake so many people make ( by seeing if they can get an even lower rate when current terms are so attractive) and take advantage of what’s being offered. There is no guarantee that rates will remain at these levels and if there is news of a trade deal between China and the US then mortgage rates could easily move significantly higher (more on that below).

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Mortgage Backed Securities and Treasury Snapshot:

Mortgage Backed Security FNMA 4.0 opened the day at 102.72, and FNMA 3.5 opened the day at 101.25. The 10y Treasury yield started the day at the 2.46% level.

Keep An Eye On Trade Negotiations With China:

Mortgage rates have benefitted from a lot of positive news lately however there is something that could potential change the current course of mortgage rates: a trade deal with China. Many analyst and investor feel that the main reason the economy is slowing is because of the current trade tensions with China. They further believe that once it’s resolved the economy will snap back. The perception of a stronger economy in the future might cause bonds to sell off which would push mortgage rates higher.

April 2019 Mortgage Rates:

Looking forward to next month, mortgage rates are in a great position. The big unknown is trade negotiations with China. We have a post dedicated to covering April 2019 mortgage rates and we will be updating it through out the month. We’re focused on these four areas:

  • The Economy
  • Trade war with China
  • Economic slow down in Europe
  • The weather

The economy and China have been important factors for a long time; Europe and the weather (really?) are fairly new to the discussion. Recent news out of Europe shows that their economy is heading for a significant slowdown. Considering the European economy is one of the largest economies in the world, their slow down may drag down the world economy and negatively affect the US Economy. And with mortgage rates; a slower economy generally means lower mortgage rates.

As for the weather: recent reports claim nearly 200 million Americans may be affected by flooding this Spring. That is significant and if this does happen the economy could face some difficult challenges moving forward.

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Economic Data – This Week:

On Tuesday we have Building Permits (February), Housing Starts (February) and Consumer Confidence (March). On Wednesday we have the Mortgage Market Index and on Thursday we have the final Q4 GDP reading and Pending Home Sales (February). To finish off the week we have the Personal Income report (February), Consumer Spending (January), Core PCE (January), Chicago PMI (March), Consumer Sentiment (March) and New Home Sales (February).

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When it comes to mortgage rates please keep in mind that mortgage rates adjust daily; sometimes they adjust multiple times in a day when the bond market is volatile. Also things like obtaining cash out, lower credit scores, higher Loan-To-Value ratios, rental properties and the subordination of a second mortgage will cause in an increase in your mortgage rate. To obtain the most up-to-date quote, specific to your loan scenario be sure to contact Loan Officer Kevin O’Connor at 1-800-550-5538 or you can submit a “Contact Us” request on the our website.

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