Mortgage Tips That Can Save You Money

Government Shutdown

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Should You Be Concerned?: A concern is growing among homeowners, homebuyers and realtors – will this current government shutdown prevent borrowers from closing their mortgage on time? The quick answer is not yet. If you are closing in the next week or two you should be fine because your mortgage company has probably already received the 4506-T report back from … Read more

When Not To Do A Refinance

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Deciding To Do A Refinance: It doesn’t always make sense to refinance your current mortgage and here are some guidelines to follow when making that determination.  We all want the lowest rate and payment possible but sometimes doing a refinance is not good idea and it’s important to make sure you’re making informed financial decisions – especially when it comes … Read more

Buying Down The Rate

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Lower Interest Rate: Years ago someone came up with the idea that a borrower could pay a fee to lower the interest rate. In the mortgage industry this has become known as “buying down the rate”. So what does that mean and how is it figured out? For starters buying down the rate on a new mortgage generally means you … Read more

The Best Mortgage Lenders

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Everyone Is Different: So who are the best mortgage lenders for refinancing?  To determine that we need to establish what is important to a homeowner when he/she looks to refinance their current mortgage.  For some people it’s all about the mortgage rate; for others it’s more about the service and then there are others that want both a great mortgage … Read more

How Much House Can I Afford?

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Having A Clear Picture: Trying to figure out how much house you can afford is a big part of the home buying process. To determine that you must have a clear picture of your income; debts, down payment and what level of payment you think you might be comfortable with are all important factors when determining how much house you … Read more