How Much House Can I Afford?

First Time Home Buyers

Trying to figure out how much house you can afford is a big part of the home buying process. To determine that you must have a clear picture of your income; debts, down payment and what level of monthly mortgage payment you think you might be comfortable with. All important factors when determining how much you can afford. Here is … Read more

Who Has The Lowest Mortgage Rates?

Home Interest Rate

Have you ever asked a family member, friend or even a realtor this question – who has the lowest mortgage rates in California? I would guess most home buyers or homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage have at one point in time or another asked someone “Who has the lowest mortgage rates in California?” Here is a simple fact of life … Read more

Is Now The Right Time To Refinance?

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When a homeowner considers a refinance they first should clearly understand their current rate/term before doing anything else. This includes locating your previous closing statement to determine if you paid points and if you paid any closing costs. Third, the homeowner should evaluate current market options and forth make a decision on how to proceed. Here Are The Steps: If … Read more

Getting A Mortgage In California

Home in California

Here are the simple steps to getting a mortgage in California. If you’re new to the process you’ll want to obtain a basic understanding of what a mortgage is (see below). Find a good mortgage company and an experienced Loan Officer. Ask the right questions. Gather your documents. Obtain your mortgage approval. Close your mortgage. Following these simple steps will … Read more

What is a good mortgage rate for 2017?

California homes

As mortgage rates move back down everyone is asking; “What is a good mortgage rate for 2017?”.  The bond market has returned to 2016 levels so lenders have started to be more aggressive with how they price out their various mortgage loan programs.  But let’s start with the basics before determining what is a good mortgage rate for 2017. Mortgage Backed Securities: … Read more

How To Obtain A Fast Mortgage Approval

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The mortgage approval process can be easy or it can be difficult; a lot depends on how prepared you are before you start the process. Loan Officers do their best in requesting the specific items needed for approval. However sometimes they do need to add to the list based on the documentation sent in from the borrower and if that happens try … Read more