Is Now The Right Time To Refinance?

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When a homeowner considers a refinance they first should clearly understand their current rate/term before doing anything else. This includes locating your previous closing statement to determine if you paid points and if you paid any closing costs. Third, the homeowner should evaluate current market options and forth make a decision on how to proceed. Here Are The Steps: If … Read more

Refinance Tips To Save You Money

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If you are doing a refinance one of your main goals should be to save money. Whether it’s on closing costs and/or obtaining a lower interest rate saving money should be a top priority. Even if you’re doing a cash out loan in which your payment will go higher; there are ways you can save money on your next transaction. … Read more

Your Mortgage And Your Retirement

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“Do I want or not want a mortgage after I retire?” It’s an excellent question that every homeowner should ask however every situation is different so there is no easy answer.  First and foremost – be open to hearing many solutions.  The best solution for you may not be the one you are leaning towards so it’s important to be … Read more