Your Mortgage And Your Retirement

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“Do I want or not want a mortgage after I retire?” It’s an excellent question that every homeowner should ask however every situation is different so there is no easy answer.  First and foremost – be open to hearing many solutions.  The best solution for you may not be the one you are leaning towards so it’s important to be … Read more

Loan Fees, Costs And Points

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One of the biggest mistakes someone can make when shopping for a new mortgage loan is to just ask: “What’s the rate and are there any points?”. I think it’s almost a certain guarantee that you’ll end up paying more in costs and fees than if you simply asked a different question. Knowing what to ask a Loan Officer is … Read more

Key Mortgage Terms


Below is a list of key mortgage terms everyone should know and understand before moving forward with a new mortgage. Refinance or a purchase purchase transaction; it’s important to understand the various terms used before, during and after the process. A borrower with a good understanding of mortgage terms will be in a better position to secure a low interest … Read more