Mortgage Tips That Can Save You Money

Your Mortgage And Your Retirement

Home Loan Program

As you get older a question you may find yourself asking: “Do I want or not want a mortgage after I retire?” It’s an excellent question that every homeowner should ask however every situation is different so there is no easy answer.  First and foremost – be open to hearing many solutions.  The best solution for you may not be … Read more

How To Best Understand Mortgage Loan Fees, Costs And Points

Home mortgage rates

Don’t Make This Mistake: One of the biggest mistakes someone can make when shopping for a new mortgage loan is to just ask: “What’s the rate and are there any points?”  There are other things potential borrowers due that prevents them from getting the best possible mortgage rate however today will focus on this one question.  When working with a … Read more

Key Mortgage Terms

Important Mortgage Terms: Below is a list of key mortgage terms everyone should know and understand before moving forward with a new mortgage.  To help obtain the lowest interest rate on your next California mortgage loan be sure to take the time to understand mortgage terminology. Refinance or purchase; it’s important to understand the various terms used before, during and after … Read more

No point loans with origination fees….how can that be?

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Loan Origination Fees This is becoming more common than it used to in the mortgage industry. Some loan officers love to say that they are providing you a “no point” loan and still charge loan origination fees up front (what they are referring to is only discount points charged by the lender they work for). In fact when a potential … Read more