Will A Government Shut Down Affect Mortgages?

The Federal Government

It’s April 2017 (2019 Shutdown info below) we’re starting to hear “rumbles” that the government may face another shut down this summer. Anyone remember what happened last time the government shut down? Nearly 800,000 federal employees were put on leave without pay, and another million or so had their paychecks delayed. National parks, and NASA shut down while politicians went … Read more

Longer term mortgage rate loan program

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Before 2008 longer term mortgage rate loan programs were starting to make their way into mainstream loan production. 40 year fixed rate mortgage loan programs became popular and wide spread in California and in other parts of the country. Homeowner’s were looking for the opportunity to buy a larger house so the mortgage industry created this new loan product. The … Read more

California Mortgage Rate Reset

Spanish home in California

Is your California mortgage rate about to reset after a 5, 7 or 10 year fixed rate period?  If so don’t worry; thousands of Californians are in the same situation every year.  Adjustable rate mortgages are a mortgage product in which the rate adjusts or “resets” after a fixed period time.  That’s different from a fixed rate mortgage which has a … Read more

Mortgage Program Day 1 Certainty Fannie Mae

day 1 certainty

Fannie Mae, the mortgage giant backed by the federal government, has many programs that allow homeowners to refinance their current fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage and many mortgage programs that allow buyers to obtain a great mortgage loan to buy that dream home. At JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. we offer many of these Fannie Mae mortgage refinance and purchase … Read more

A 2008 Like Mortgage Crisis

Home Loan Program

2008 will always be remembered as the year America was gripped by the mortgage crisis. And for many Americans the fallout is still being felt today. What caused the crisis? Bad mortgage loans. Enter 2016 and the possibility that the U.S. could face a 2008 like mortgage crisis in the next 12-24 months.  Where are all the bad loans? Auto … Read more

How To Obtain A Fast Mortgage Approval

Family Home

The mortgage approval process can be easy or it can be difficult; a lot depends on how prepared you are before you start the process. Loan Officers do their best in requesting the specific items needed for approval. However sometimes they do need to add to the list based on the documentation sent in from the borrower and if that happens try … Read more