Oakland, California Mortgage Rates

Oakland, California Mortgage Rates:

Oakland is a great place with a diverse cultural and offers a wide variety of activities for families. Oakland is the 7th largest city in California in terms of land size (of 50 square miles) and it’s home to the Oakland A’s professional baseball team, Golden State Warriors professional basketball team and the Oakland Raiders professional football team. On top of that there are more than 600 hundred restaurants serving just about any type of food you can imagine and more than 120 languages/dialects are spoken within the city limits. Residents of Oakland California have many mortgage lender options including small local banks and credit unions, regional banks, nationwide banks, direct lenders and mortgage brokers. Oakland, California mortgage rates and a good job growth have helped keep home values high over the last 20 years.

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Mortgage Options:

Obtaining the best mortgage rate is usually obtained by working with a company that has a stellar reputation and years of experience and the resident’s of Oakland California have access to this with the wide variety of options available to them. Low down payment programs; fixed rate mortgages such as a 15 year fixed mortgage and home improvement loans allow Oakland residents to find the best mortgage rate at some of the lowest terms possible.

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Sports and The Economy:

As mentioned Oakland is home to the Oakland A’s professional baseball team, the Golden State Warriors professional basketball team and the Oakland Raiders professional football team. Some of the largest employers in Oakland are Kaiser Permanete, County of Alameda, Southwest Airlines and the State of California. It’s also home to Oakland International Airport which allows the residents to travel the world right from their home town. Oakland CA has an active night life including many musical options such as jazz, hip-hop, punk, rock and reggae. Oakland has nearly 6,000 acres of parks including Joaquin Miller Park and Allendale Park. Mass transit and bicycling are popular in Oakland and there is ferry services to the other side of the bay as well.  Here are some fun facts: famed Actor and Director Clint Eastwood graduated from High School in Oakland and hip hop artist MC Hammer is an official spokesman for Oakland CA.

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If you live in or around Oakland California and are looking to refinance your current mortgage or purchase a new home please give us a call. We cover all of California and offer industry low rates along with top notch customer service. Email us or call us directly at 1-800-550-5538. Or you can connect with us on Twitter: @Rates01

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How Long Does A Refinance Take? I’ve heard the following question a lot“How long does a refinance take?”; in fact I hear it almost on a weekly basis and it’s an excellent question with ever lender providing their own unique answer. I’ve heard the stories of 3 – 4 month refinances for loans that were perfect; low loan to value ratio; high credit scores, with high income as a W-2 employee. If you have a “perfect” file your refinance should not take 3 – 4 months.