Oxnard California Mortgage Rates


Low Oxnard California mortgage rates have been one of the main reasons for the rapid expansion of Oxnard over the last 20 years.  Banks, Direct lenders and mortgage brokers provide a bulk of the new mortgages along with local credit unions. Just over 200,000 people (as of 2012) live and work in Oxnard and has one of the lowest crime rates in America. Many home mortgages were refinanced California refinanceduring the 2009 – 2012 period as mortgage rats dropped in Oxnard and across the country. Nestled along the coast of California, Oxnard offers residents plenty to do. Oxnard sits between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara California.

There are seven main districts: Del Norte District, Central District/Downtown Oxnard, Northeast District, Northwest District, South-central District, Southeast District and Southwest District. Oxnard is famous for its annual Strawberry Festival as agriculture plays an important part in the local economy.  Manufacturing also plays a vital role in the local economy. Oxnard California is home to over 20 miles off coast line and has some fantastic beaches.

Oxnard California mortgage rates are similar to those found in Ventura and other parts of California. Low fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages can be obtained through JB Mortgage Capital, Inc.  Contact us today for a no cost and no obligation quote.  Our team of mortgage professionals will guide you through the process and close quickly.  We can help those that are self employed or receive retirement income.

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