Fannie Mae Loan Guidelines Update

Fannie Mae mortgage solutions

On December 8th, 2018 the mortgage giant Fannie Mae will be updating its Automated Underwriting System which will adopt some new guidelines for conforming mortgages. Significant changes will come to loan programs that deal with borrower’s that have “debt-to-income” ratios that are looking to take cash out from their property. All conforming loans go through either the Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter … Read more

Debt To Income Ratio Limits Raised

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On July 29th, 2017 the door to a new mortgage will be opened for thousands of potential homeowners and current homeowners that have a Debt-To-Income (DTI) ratio above 45%. The mortgage giant Fannie Mae will be making an adjustment to its Automated Underwriting System (AUS) so that those with a 45%-50% DTI will be approved for a new mortgage. By … Read more

Fed Meeting & Mortgage Rates 07.2017

The Fed

Tomorrow afternoon the Federal Open Market Committee (commonly refereed to as the “Fed”) issues their decision about raising short term interest rates and their economic outlook.  Before we go into the market expectations and what may happen with mortgage rates after the FOMC issues their statement; let’s cover a very basic point that most people don’t know – what is … Read more

When Not To Do A Refinance

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It doesn’t always make sense to refinance your current mortgage and here are some guidelines to follow when making that determination on when not to do a refinance in California. We all want the lowest rate and payment possible but sometimes doing a refinance is not good idea and it’s important to make sure you’re making informed financial decisions – … Read more

Buying Down The Rate

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Buying down the rate in California is when you pay a fee to the mortgage lender for a lower interest rate. The most widely recognized payment is “1 point buy down” which typically reduces the mortgage rate by 0.25% +/- (when compared to a mortgage rate in which you are not buying down the rate). So How Is It Figured … Read more

Loan Estimate


The Loan Estimate is a document the mortgage company provides to you within three days of completing a Loan Application. The Loan Estimate has all the important details of your loan including interest rate and fees. And it will tell you if the loan has a pre-payment penalty. If you’ve purchased a home or refinanced a mortgage before October, 2015 … Read more