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Living In Rocklin, California:

Rocklin is a medium-sized northern California city with a population of nearly 70,000. It is located in the Placer County, at approximately 35km (or 22 miles) from Sacramento, California, and about 9.8km (or 6.1 miles) northeast of Roseville in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

Rocklin shares borders with places like Lincoln, Roseville, Loomis, and Granite Bay. The city has a total area of 51km2 (or 19.6 square miles) according to the United States Census Bureau. Of this area, 0.27% of it or 0.13k2 (also 0.05 square miles) is covered in water.

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There is a population density of 3059 people per square mile in Rocklin, a figure well above the population density level of the nation. If you seek a city that is family-friendly, Rocklin is for you. At least 79% of the population in the region is married, with 50% having kids of 18 years and under.

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Rocklin, CA Climate:

The hot-summer Mediterranean climate that dominates Rocklin is divided into cool, wet winters, and hot, dry summers. During actual summer months, the weather gets very hot, with an average July high of 34°C (94°F). It is also usually rainless most of the time.

During winter months, the weather is much cooler before giving way to plenty of rain, with a December average of 8°C (47°F). You would hardly find any snow accumulation in Rocklin. The degree of diurnal temperature variation alternates depending on the time of year. It falls between only 14°F in January, and 33°F in July.

The Local Economy:

Rocklin, CA used to be known for granite mining until it ended in the year 2004. These days, the top employers in the region include the government, educational sector, retail outlets, and large multinational corporations. The estimated civilian workforce in Rocklin as of April 2016 was 30,100. And, at least 40% of Rocklin citizens that are 25 and above have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

There is a regional shopping center located on the Highway 65 corridor known as the Blue Oaks Town Center, where dining, entertainment, and shopping take place. This center is anchored by national tenants. There is also the Bass Pro Shop Interstate 80, Walmart, and Target shops in the region.

The Real Estate Market In Rocklin:

According to Zillow, the median real estate value in Rocklin is over $500,000. This figure is lower than that of California. On average Rocklin, CA homes appreciate at a 4.7% rate, while every five years, they appreciate at over 6%. This shows that homeowners in Rocklin tend to see solid returns on their investments.

Rocklin Has A Low Crime Rate:

Rocklin has a low crime rate of 104 crimes per 100,000 residents, a figure significantly lower than that of the national average. In figures, it is 41% lower than that of the nation, and a full 46% lower than that of California.

When it comes to violent crimes, the rate in Rocklin is 82% lower than the Californian average, and 79% lower than that of the nation. If property crime rates are compared, it is 39% lower than that of the Californian average. And 34% lower than that of the nation.

Employment Opportunities In Rocklin:

The income per capita in Rocklin is just over $37,000 per year, and higher than the national average. At $84,121, the median household income is 32% higher than the Californian average and also higher than the national average.

These statistics show that unemployment is low in the region. At just 5%, the unemployment rate is 4% higher than the national average. Since people are gainfully employed, poverty is very low with a rate of 8%. This is 44% lower than that of the nation.

Rocklin’s Cost Of Living:

The overall cost of living index in Rocklin, CA is 137. This figure is lower than that of California, and 36% higher than that of the nation. Housing, goods, and services are responsible for the largest portions of the overall cost of living index in Rocklin. The city’s goods and services are 7% higher than that of the nation and 4% lower than that of California.

Additional California Cities:

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About Loan Officer Kevin O'Connor

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