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We offer low mortgage rates in San Rafael, California, fast closings and personal one-on-one service. For over 15 years I’ve been working with homeowners to help them achieve the dream of homeownership.

Whether you’re buying a home or refinancing a current mortgage, we have the loan programs to meet your needs. From the initial quote to the final close I will work directly with you so you’ll always know who to contact in case you have questions.

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Living In San Rafael, California:

San Rafael, CA is located in northern California.

San Rafael is the county seat of Marin County, California. Named after the archangel Raphael this city is located in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay area. This city has a population of around 58,000 and covers 22.4 square miles. This city is made up of diverse habitats that include forests, marshlands, and estuarine settings.

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JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. is 100% focused on the customer experience. From loan application to closing you'll work directly with one person the entire time. This ensures for a better experience for the customer and a more efficient loan process.

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Making sure we provide industry low mortgage rates is a focal point at JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. We understand the importance of saving money. From fixed rate mortgages to adjustable rate mortgages we offer low rates at great terms.

Movies And Viedo Games:

In 1970 George Lucas came to San Rafael to film his first movie THX 1138 and that began what was to become the entertainment industry love for San Rafael. Several movies were filmed in part in this city and the entertainment industry moved some of their companies to the area. Following the entertainment industry, some video game developers also moved their operations to this city opening up economic opportunities for the city.

Local Neighborhoods of San Rafael, California:

There are some 30 neighborhoods that make the city of San Rafael. Each neighborhood has its own distinct personality, amenities, and features. Here is a look at some of the neighborhoods in this fair city.

  • Bayside Acres: Bayside acres are a very nice neighborhood in which to live. This is an extremely nice and well-kept neighborhood where most of the residents own their own homes. This neighborhood offers expansive views of the bay for residents to enjoy. It also has above average schools and fairly decent nightlife. This is a nice neighborhood for both families and retirees.
  • Picnic Valley: Picnic Valley is kind of a woody hilly neighborhood with a kind of urban/suburban mix feel. This neighborhood is good for families who enjoy spending time outdoors. The neighborhood has lots of coffee shops and restaurants as well as a number of parks to explore. The neighborhood does have somewhat narrow streets with a mix of old homes (some around 100 years old) as well as some newer homes.

For those of you are considering moving to San Rafael, exploring the various neighborhoods before making your choice of where to live is a good idea since there are so many good neighborhoods to choose from. San Rafael does have one University within its city boundaries the Dominican University of California. The San Rafael City School district operates most of the public schools K-12.

San Rafael, CA Parks:

San Rafael has over 20 parks most with playgrounds and picnic areas so families can enjoy time out of doors. Other features that some parks have include shuffleboard, basketball courts, skate park volleyball or tennis courts, Splash Park and beach and numerous other activities depending on the park. Individuals and families can choose from a wide range of activities simply by visiting the various parks in San Rafael.

Climate and Weather In San Rafael, California:

San Rafael has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters that seldom reach freezing temperatures and warm summers that see little rain. In fact, it is rare for any rain from June through September. With the beautiful weather in and around San Rafael, it is little wonder that there are several neighborhood parks here where people can be outside and take part in a variety of different activities.

Additional California Cities:

If you’re looking for additional information on another California city please be sure to visit the main California Mortgage Company page.

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About Loan Officer Kevin O'Connor

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