Santa Ana, California Mortgage Rates

Santa Ana, California Mortgage Rates:

Santa Ana is simply Spanish for Saint Ana and as far as population statistics go it is the 2nd most populous city in Orange county and it is also the county seat. According to a recent census over 350,000 people live in Santa Ana which make the city one of the 60 most populous cities in the US. Santa Ana is located next to the Santa Ana River in Southern California and the California coast is only a fifteen-minute drive down the road. Santa Ana is part of the greater Los Angeles area, there is only one other metropolitan area which is larger than this one. Santa Ana was founded in 1869. Indigenous tribes such as the Juannefio/Luisefio and Tongva lived in the area and the last-mentioned tribe referred to Santa Ana as Hotuuk. A mission station known as Mission San Juan Capistrano was established here in 1776. By 1848 the Mexican-American war was something of the past and Alta California became a US territory and many US citizens occupied the region.

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Densely Populated:

According to statistics provided by the US census bureau the city is established on land which size equals 27.5 square miles. It is very densely populated and only 3 other metropolitan areas are more densely populated. The entire region is mostly flat with little change in elevation which is why the Santa Ana River which runs through the western sector sometimes cause problems when seasonal flooding occurs. Santa Ana is a modern and well-developed city with several thriving districts and just like in other Californian city the downtown area is the core of the city with both residential and retail areas. This area is very popular among property investors and well-informed individuals can make excellent investments here. The Santa Ana civic center is also located in the downtown area. Santa Ana has many historic houses that date back to the 1800’s and everything possible is done to preserve these properties. Low mortgage rates, affordable housing and a many job opportunities have helped grow Santa Ana over the last 40 years.

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The Popular Midtown District:

There is also the popular Midtown district where the Discovery science center is located. Other notable attractions are the Main place mall and the Bowers museum which is popular among residents and tourists. There is also the Metro East area where many developments are taking place. There are many plans on the table for this area and once again the prospects as far as property investments are concerned is excellent and for this reason many people chose Santa Ana as their city of residence. There is also the Santa Ana zoo which is popular because of its selection of monkeys and other exotic animals. People need to do extensive research when considering their options because when all of the facts are on the table it should become very clear to any objective person that Santa Ana has a lot to offer to newcomers and especially to property investors. The city offers so much both to individuals and families and even professional people will find that Santa Ana will not let them down regardless of their high expectations.

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