Santa Cruz, California Mortgage Rates

Santa Cruz, California Mortgage Rates:

Between breathtaking waterfront views, kind locals, exciting activities and sights, and incredibly interesting culture, there’s a lot to appreciate in Santa Cruz, California, which was chartered all the way back in 1876, and is presently home to about 65,000 citizens.

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Santa Cruz California

A Strong Economy:

If all Santa Cruz offers residents and visitors is to be understood, the citizens who populate the city—those who make Santa Cruz what it is—must first be understood. More than 93% of SC’s citizens graduated high school; over 50% hold a college degree, and nearly a third are currently attending college. Santa Cruz residents are learning, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped earning. The city’s per-capita and median household incomes are more than the national averages. Numerous top-quality elementary, middle, and high schools are located in Santa Cruz, as are reputable higher education institutions like University of California, Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, and Five Branches University.

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Home Values Are High:

Home-wise, there’re a lot of positive signs in Santa Cruz. The median home value in is over $890,000, and the city’s unique and appealing architecture most always draws compliments and admiration from visitors. Low mortgage rates and strong income levels have helped elevate home values in the area. Residents and those moving to Santa Cruz can obtain the latest mortgage rate information from our website. Anyone in the market for a home, apartment, and/or commercial building can consult SC’s many reputable real estate firms and professionals, including Vanguard Realtors, Jessica Wallace Realty, and Bailey Properties, amongst others, for top-notch assistance.

Activities For The Entire Family:

Santa Cruz’s entertainment opportunities and activities are substantial—in quality and quantity. Because the city is situated on the coast, the Pacific Ocean’s refreshing waves prompt many to partake in water sports. To be sure, between Santa Cruz’s coastline and its numerous bays and lakes, you don’t have to think twice about snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply taking a dip; countless clubs and groups enjoy the water daily. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk holds the notable distinction of being California’s oldest amusement park, and is an awesome place to unwind and have fun. Moreover, the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, and more are intriguing establishments in their own right.

The Warf and Farmers Market:

Culturally, Santa Cruz is a very, very active city. The Santa Cruz Film Festival, the Wharf to Wharf Race, and the Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market provide a taste of the city’s local flair and the talents of its residents. World famous Santa Cruz Bicycles is a prominent fixture in the city. Lastly, Santa Cruz offers locals and visitors a wide array of professional financial services.  The Santa Cruz County Bank, Lighthouse Bank, and Bank of the West are sure to be able to meet your financial needs, whether you’d like to open an account, receive a loan, or benefit from another bank service.

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