JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. Reviews

JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. Reviews:

“Working on this re-finance with you was surprisingly pleasant.
I thought the process was very quick, efficient and painless.
You patiently and quickly answered all my questions, you never pressured me and you did it all with an easygoing manner.

I will certainly forward your info to anyone asking.”

Mark K.
Carlsbad, CA

“Great! Thanks so much again for your help.”

Rachel M.
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you very much Kevin. It was a very easy process, you were very helpful!”

Amy V.
Long Beach, CA

“Thank you for your diligence and fine work.”

Greg C.,
Camarillo, CA

“You were great with my refinancing and I want my friends to have the same experience.”

Deborah M.,
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Kevin for all your efforts. It’s nice to know there are still people out there that provide a good service. I appreciate you taking the time to explain to me my different loan options, finding me a loan that I could afford and calling back when you said you would!”Low Mortgage Rates At JBMC


Jason B.
Los Feliz, CA

“Thank you so much for all you did for us.  We appreciate it.  It was a pleasure corresponding with you.  We would recommend you and JB Mortgage Capital to any of our friends who are planning to refinance.  Thanks again.”

Kathryn C.
Livermore, CA

“Kevin provides a rare combination of economic knowledge, mortgage industry experience, coupled with the ability to convey this information in an honest and informative way. I look forward to closing my next home purchase with his assistance.”

Jeff C.
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you again for all your help with our refi. It’s truly a pleasure and always easy to work with you. We will continue to espouse the benefits of your services to our friends!”

All the best,

Jim T.
Pasadena, CA