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The City Of Angels:

There are quite a few ways to describe Los Angeles—“The City of Angels,” L.A., “La-La Land,” California’s most populous city, and America’s second most populous city—and these names, nicknames, and titles, helpful and true as they may be, fail to highlight all of what makes Los Angeles special. To be sure, describing all that makes such a vast, vibrant city special—a city that’s surrounded by beautiful mountains and an ocean, spans about 470 square miles, and serves as the heart of the film and television industries—with a single word would be nearly impossible. The following text attempts to, in much more than one word, describe much of what makes Los Angeles Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California Mortgage Rates:

Los Angeles California mortgage rates are competitive and quotes are easy to obtain due to the numerous options consumers have. Fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages are popular in the Los Angeles California area and consumers can choose from online mortgage companies, banks and lenders. Both purchase volume and refinance volume are strong in the Los Angeles market due to the constant influx of people moving to the Los Angeles area. Major banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank and Chase all have operations in the Los Angeles market.

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Paramount Studios

The Movie Studios:

Paramount Studios and Twentieth Century Fox, two of the six major producers of American films, are headquartered in Los Angeles. Thousands of television shows and films are recorded in the city every year (particularly in Hollywood), and the Los Angeles Music Center, which attracts more than 1.25 million visitors per year, is one of the largest music performance establishments in the world. One in six L.A. residents work in an entertainment-related field, and the city’s per-capita income is greater than the national average. In short, entertainment is abundant in Los Angeles, and in addition to offering residents much to see and do, this point provides them with ample employment opportunities. It should be briefly mentioned now, for all the sports lovers out there, that the city boasts eleven professional sports teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels in the MLB, the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA, as well as four hockey and WNBA teams.

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Home Values And Mortgage Companies:

Los Angeles’s median home value is about $638,000—far more than the national average. The city’s extensive real estate industry can be hard for buyers and sellers to traverse on their own, but luckily, L.A. features a wide array of reliable real estate professionals who are standing by to help. Keyes Real Estate, Compass Real Estate, The Rental Girl, Nourmand and Associates, and many other firms/specialists are waiting for your call (or text—Los Angeles realtors are very accessible).

Mortgage rates obviously vary from one mortgage company to the next and consumers should take the time to compare rates and terms. Equally important is the service a consumer will get and how fast the mortgage company can close the loan. A number of regional banks, including Union Bank and Bank of the West also have a strong presence in the Los Angeles market. California refinance rates tend to fluctuate with the rest of the market as bond yields decrease and increase from day to day. From the beaches of Santa Monica, Venice to inland areas of Hollywood, Culver City and portions of the Valley we cover all of Los Angeles.

We’ve Got You Covered LA:

At JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. we have served many clients in the Los Angeles area. JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. has become a go-to place for Los Angeles home buyers and home owners looking to obtain a new low rate mortgage. We offer “internet” low mortgage rates along with personal one-on-one service from application to closing. Being efficient is important and that’s why we don’t have have processors or secretaries! Each client works directly with Kevin O’Connor from beginning to end.

Educational Opportunities:

Getting back to what makes Los Angeles great; the educational opportunities available in Los Angeles are outstanding. The Los Angeles Unified School District operates the vast majority of the city’s public elementary, middle, and high schools. LAUSD’s facilities have received positive reviews from auditors and generally positive feedback from parents and students. Many private schools are available in Los Angeles, and they cater to students in any grade, from kindergarten to high school.

In terms of higher education, a bustling, internationally renowned city like L.A. has about as many campuses as you’d expect for such a reputable city, and the sum of this substantial number of campuses is endless potential for students. Public universities like California State University and the University of California have campuses in Los Angeles, and private colleges such as Marymount College, the University of Southern California, Abraham Lincoln University, Los Angeles Film School, and many others are located in “The City of Angels.” The Los Angeles Community College District governs and operates nine community colleges in Los Angeles. Your age, background, and financial status won’t affect your educational opportunities in Los Angeles; there’s a path available for every student, and the same cannot be said for many other major cities.Los Angeles Downtown

A Strong Banking Industry:

Last but not least, Los Angeles’s financial service and banking industries are strong in their own right. One of the biggest problems in today’s most populated cities is a lack of professional services relative to the demand set forth by the population; designers, bankers, and other skilled workers simply can’t offer enough of their services. Thankfully, this isn’t the case in Los Angeles. Specifically, in terms of banking services and financial professionals, Logix Federal Credit Union, California Credit Union, Nuvision Credit Union, and countless others are ready and waiting to help L.A. locals and visitors with their questions and needs.

Jumbo Mortgage Loan Programs:

Most consumers in Los Angeles prefer to work with a mortgage company that can offer various loan programs to meet their needs. 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, adjustable interest rates, no cost loans are options we have. We take the time to find out what works best for each consumer and try to find the loan program that works best for them. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” and consumers should not settle for lenders that are not willing to meet their needs. We offer a wide variety of Jumbo loan programs that might benefit you and your mortgage goals. California loan programs change constantly and we do our best to stay on top of various guideline changes that may affect you are your ability to obtain a loan.

Conforming – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dictate the basics of conforming loan programs and underwriting guidelines – we are constantly aware of the changes.  From the major changes in the Dodd-Frank legislation, the introduction of the “Loan Estimate” disclosure to the “Closing Disclosure” we make sure we are on top of the latest compliance requirements. As we know many homes in Los Angeles require a Jumbo Mortgage Loan Program and we have plenty of options to offer our clients.

JB Mortgage Capital, Inc.:

If you’re looking to buy a home or if you are looking to refinance your current mortgage in Los Angeles be sure to let us know so we can provide a no-cost/no-obligation quote. Obtain a no cost – no obligation quote from us today. Our California home loan rates are very competitive and our service is top notch. You can either contact us through the website contact form, email or simply call 1-800-550-5538. You can also connect with us on Twitter: @Rates01

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