Getting A Mortgage In California

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Here are the simple steps to getting a mortgage in California. If you’re new to the process you’ll want to obtain a basic understanding of what a mortgage is (see below). Find a good mortgage company and an experienced Loan Officer. Ask the right questions. Gather your documents. Obtain your mortgage approval. Close your mortgage. Following these simple steps will … Read more

Buying Down The Rate

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Buying down the rate in California is when you pay a fee to the mortgage lender for a lower interest rate. The most widely recognized payment is “1 point buy down” which typically reduces the mortgage rate by 0.25% +/- (when compared to a mortgage rate in which you are not buying down the rate). So How Is It Figured … Read more

Fed Meeting June 2019

Federal Reserve Rate

The Fed decides to hold for now but expressed concern about the current economic conditions. The initial response from bond markets has been lower yields. Still waiting for the presser to start which should give further insight into the Fed decision. We’ll keep you posted! Towards the end of the day the 10y yield settled below 2.03%; the lowest level … Read more

Mortgage Rates For January 1, 2019

Happy New Year For 2019

From our family to years we wish you the very best for 2019. Markets are closed today and will re-open on Wednesday. There are no important economic reports on Wednesday however on Thursday we have the ADP National Employment Report for December, ISM New York Index for December, ISM Manufacturing PMI, ISM Manufacturing Prices Paid for December (an important piece when … Read more

War, Crisis and Mortgage Rates

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When we have the potential for war, armed conflict or an international crisis we are asked this question a lot: How does war and crisis impact mortgage rates? For people looking to purchase a new home or those looking to refinance a current mortgage it’s an important question to ensure you lock in at the optimal time. That being said; … Read more

Mortgage News 01.29.2019

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Today was the start of the two-day FOMC meeting (Federal Open Market Committee; aka “the Fed”) and all eyes are on what they’ll say post meeting. The likelihood they’ll raise their rate at this meeting is next to none as it’s fairly evident the US economy has slowed. This is what analyst and investors will be watching for: The dot-plot … Read more