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Fed Meeting October 2019

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Fed Day October 2019: Today we have the conclusion of the two-day October Fed meeting. The market is expecting a .25% rate cut and that is exactly what the market received. Also the Fed said it would take a significant change in the direction of the economy to warrant another rate cut so this is most likely the last rate … Read more

Fed Decision July 2019

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Fed Decision July 31st, 2019: Today was the conclusion of the two-dat FOMC meeting (Federal Open Market Committee – aka the Fed). The market was expecting a .25% cut and that is exactly what was delivered. No big surprises and up next is the Powell press conference. Check back for more updates later in the day Powell Press Conference Updates: … Read more

Fed Meeting June 2019

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Fed Decision June 2019: The Fed decides to hold for now but expressed concern about the current economic conditions. The initial response from bond markets has been lower yields. Still waiting for the presser to start which should give further insight into the Fed decision. We’ll keep you posted! Towards the end of the day the 10y yield settled below … Read more

Fed Meeting March 2019

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Fed Meeting March 2019: Heading into the two-day meeting mortgage rates are at their 2019 lows. While the Fed does not set mortgage rates they do have an influence over the market that does set mortgage rates. The Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) market is near it’s one year high which is good for mortgage rates (higher MBS prices equal lower … Read more

Mortgage News For Homeowners

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Possible Deal To Avoid Government Shutdown: Last night it was announced that Republican and Democrat leaders in the Senate and the House agreed to a bi-partisan deal to keep the government open. Without a deal in place by Friday midnight the federal government will shutdown for the second time in 2019. The biggest sticking point has always been about building … Read more

Fed Announcement January 30th 2019

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What The Fed Had To Say: The Fed did not hike (as expected) and expressed some concerns about the economy. They announced a “measured” approach to future rate hikes and a continuation of the unwinding of their balance sheet. They also dropped some of the previous language about the health of the economy which was a surprise. For more on … Read more