Santa Clara, California Mortgage Rates

Santa Clara, California Mortgage Rates:

Incorporated way back in 1852, Santa Clara boasts a rich and interesting history that can be studied and enjoyed by most everyone in California and the country. With that said, it’s the city’s current sights, thriving economy, and status as the epicenter of Silicon Valley that attract the attention of so many today. Santa Clara offers the best of leisure, business, and life. Over 120,000 people call Santa Clara home.

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Santa Clara

Educational Opportunities:

The Santa Clara Unified School District operates the city’s numerous public schools, all of which receive consistently high marks from students and parents. Several private schools are also located in Santa Clara, including Live Oak Academy and Saint Justin School. Santa Clara University, Mission College, and Golden State Baptist College serve as SC’s primary higher-education institutions, and are attended by students from across the United States. The Santa Clara Public Library System consists of three branches, each of which offers the latest books and films to visitors.

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Lots Of Family Activities:

There is much to see and do in Santa Clara, and thanks to the city’s warm year-round temperatures, there’s no shortage of time to experiences all these sights and activities. Cedar Point owns and operates California’s Great America, a 100-acre amusement park located in Santa Clara. Additionally, a massive football arena, Levi’s Stadium, is located in Santa Clara, and serves as the official stadium of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers In terms of nature, Santa Clara’s 35+ parks comprise over 450 acres of land! Enjoying magnificent views while hiking, kicking back at NFL games, and screaming loudly while experiencing gravity-defying roller coasters sounds pretty good, and Santa Clara locals get to do all these things and more on a regular basis.

A Strong Economy:

In terms of business, employment opportunities, and finance, Santa Clara is second-to-none. The city, which is once again located in the middle of Silicon Valley, contains the headquarters of Namco Bandai, Intel, Marvel, McAfee, and many others. Over 90% of the city’s residents have graduated high school, and the city’s per-capita and average household income levels are well above national averages.

Home Values:

Due to the high home values many homeowners have jumbo loans attached to their homes. 20% of the city’s workforce is employed in the science, professional, and technical sphere, 20% of residents work in manufacturing, and about 10% work in healthcare, retail, and education. Bank of the West, SVB Financial Group, and many other financial institutions provide top-quality services to clients. Moreover, anyone looking to purchase or rent a Santa Clara home or apartment can contact any one of the city’s many reputable realty experts, including HomeLight and HeatherLin.

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