January 2020 Mortgage Rates

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Heading into January 2020 mortgage rates are near their recent lows. 2019 was a great year for consumer mortgage rates and we are anticipating mortgage rates will remain stable as we move further into January. Below are our Conforming/Conventional, FHA and Jumbo fixed mortgage rates at various term lengths. If you would like to quote specific to your transaction please … Read more

December 2019 Mortgage Rates

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As we move into last month of 2019 mortgage rates remain low and processing times remain fast. Conventional, FHA and Jumbo mortgage rates for both purchase and refinance transactions remain the most attractive loan programs. Opportunities and Risks in December: As mentioned; mortgage rates are low right now and the big question for December is: Will mortgage rates remain stable, … Read more

Mortgage Rates Thanksgiving Week

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Thanksgiving week for mortgage rates is usually a stable period in which mortgage rates barely move. That being said; it’s not a guarantee and there have been times the market has moved. It’s unlikely the economic data will significantly move the market but if the market was to move significantly it would probably come from one or a combination of … Read more

Late November Mortgage Rates

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What an interesting three weeks it’s been for mortgage rates. At one point it seemed like mortgage rates were going to continue to move higher; potentially moving well above 4.00% on a 30y fixed rate loan however that has yet to materialize. Mortgage rates have somewhat improved in the last 3-5 days as fears of a potential “Phase One” trade … Read more

Mortgage Rates Mid November

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Heading into the second week of November 2019 mortgage rates remain near 2019 lows however there remain some risks for mortgage rates to move higher in the coming weeks. The two main issues facing mortgage rates are: US – China trade deal Brexit Another “unknown” factor is how the economic data is going to play out and will it negatively … Read more

November 2019 Mortgage Rates

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November 2019 mortgage rates – are things changing for mortgage rates in November? Looking back; there were a lot of headwinds for mortgage rates in October. US – China agreed on a “phase 1” trade deal, it looked like an orderly Brexit was going to happen and some of the economic data (early on) was showing signs of strength. Mortgage … Read more