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March 2024 News And Events

Last month, it seemed the worst-case scenario for mortgage rates was playing out; inflation was rebounding and moving higher, and so were mortgage rates. Then something happened, and the market ...

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Mortgage Broker Team

February 2024 News And Events

Will rates remain stable as we move further into the winter months, or will we see some volatility? It’s anyone’s guess ...

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Interest Rates

January 2024 News And Events

It’s a new year, and the mortgage industry is ready for a fresh start. A glimmer of hope appeared during the ...

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Lower Mortgage Rates

December 2023 News And Events

Just like last year, mortgage rates improved last month, and that trend is still intact heading into December. Why? The evidence ...

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Couple in front of home

November 2023 News And Events

I anticipate November 2023 mortgage rates will settle down from their recent runup that started last summer. From declining oil prices ...

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New Home In California

October 2023 News And Events

It continues to be a volatile time for mortgage rates. The best advice for homeowners looking to lock in a rate ...

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FHA loan limit in California

Septemeber 2023 News And Events

What year 2023 has been for mortgage rates. After shooting higher early in the year, mortgage rates moved significantly lower after ...

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