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BBB A+ AccreditedJB Mortgage Capital, Inc. is a mortgage company serving all of California; from San Diego California to northern the county of Del Norte. We offer industry low mortgage rates along with one-on-one personal service from application to closing. We are one of the very few mortgage companies in the state of California to obtain an “Accredited” status with an “A+” rating at the Better Business Bureau; along with our “AAA” rating with the BCA, and a five star rating with Zillow and Mortgage101. We are licensed with the California Department of Real Estate and the NMLS.  Living in California you’re presented with a lot of opportunities to obtain a new California mortgage loan from many different California mortgage companies and we hope you chose us!  

As a California mortgage company we value the role we play in finding our clients a new low rate mortgage. Fixed or adjustable loan program- we are confident we can find the right mortgage for you since we offer a wide variety of low California mortgage rate loan programs. Whether it’s your first time buying a home or you’re a seasoned real estate investor, we can help. Understanding your mortgage program is essential. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the mortgage you are considering. 

The mortgage industry changes almost daily and we are on top of those changes. Working with an experienced mortgage consultant will ensure your transaction goes as smooth as possible. California is a great place to live and Californian’s have many options when it comes to where to live! Mountains, desert, beach, urban, countryside and the list goes on.

Below are some good tips clients should know before looking for a new mortgage:

Review your credit history before you apply for a mortgage loan. Understanding what is on your credit report will provide you withBCA AAA Rating vital information you need to shop for a new loan. If there are any errors, be sure to correct them especially if the errors are causing your interest rate to go up. If you have credit card balances above 35% of your credit limit, try to pay them down 60-90 days prior to applying for a home loan. Once you go above a 35% ratio, it starts to negatively affect your credit. Work with a solid California mortgage company to make sure you have the best information.

When looking for the best California home loan rates, don’t get entangled in the “A.P.R. Trap”! Not all Mortgage Consultants calculate the A.P.R the right way, as some don’t even know how to provide an accurate A.P.R. To get your best reading of the cost of the loan just obtain all the fees and costs in writing. If you would like Mortgage Updates; please be sure to check back with us frequently as we strive to provide the most up-to-date mortgage information.

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Another important tip to remember: When you complete your transaction, be aware that you will pay daily interest to your new lender. This interest is charged on all new first lien mortgages and starts the day the loan is funded. Ask ahead of time what the Mortgage Consultant expects the daily interest charges to be. Since a specific closing date has not been set the daily interest estimate will most likely chance when you close your mortgage. Always make sure you receive a full disclosure package when you first moved forward with your new mortgage. It’s required by law and also provides you with the details of the loan and your rights as a borrower in the State of California.